Gracewood Senior Living

Highland Park, St. Paul, MN

The operator of Gracewood Senior Living approached Hoeft Builders to renovate and expand an existing convent.  Hoeft Builders acted as a third party developer on this project to design and get approval for the various boards, commissions and councils in Highland Park.  While the approval process included 22 different approval meetings, every step of the approval process was met with zero resistance.  Hoeft Builders:

  • Secured the design review process using our architect
  • Worked hand-in-hand with Gracewood’s financial institution
  • Completed the renovation and expansion in October, 2014.

Many underlying issues with the existing structure were uncovered, including: asbestos, fire sprinklers that were not properly installed and the boiler system was not operational.  The issues were all resolved, while maintaining the original budget.  The new 36 bed senior assisted living complex was completed in October 2014.

WESTconsin Credit Union

Altoona, WI – Construction Manager – New Construction and Remodeling projects

Hoeft Builders first met with WESTconsin Credit Union in 2014 at an introductory meeting. Hoeft Builders worked with WESTconsin staff on the purchase of land in the River Prairie Development in Altoona. WESTconsin hired Hoeft Builders to work on a remodel and expansion of their recently acquired bank location in Chippewa Falls. After our first project here is what Chief Operating Officer, Jim Wookey had to say about working with Hoeft Builders: “After careful consideration we chose Hoeft Builders to complete our renovation and expansion project for us. The one requirement we had besides quality work was that we wanted the project done in a much expedited time frame. Hoeft delivered on this requirement! Everything Hoeft said they would deliver they did. They provided us with a construction schedule upfront and that schedule was performed almost exactly as stated and in some areas the work was completed ahead of schedule. It was the most incredibly smooth process. This project was easily the best construction experience I have encountered.” Since that initial project, Hoeft Builders has worked on multiple remodeling and renovation projects for WESTconsin Credit Union and Hoeft Builders built their new branch location in Altoona in 2016.

Za51 Restaurant

Altoona, WI – Construction Manager

Hoeft Builders was hired as Construction Manager on the project and built the new building. In addition to building the building we have assisted the owners with trying to secure tenants for the office portion of the building. Hoeft Builders has built a solid friendship and business relationship during the process. Here is what Joanne Palzkill, co-owner of Za51 has to say about working with Hoeft Builders: “We have experienced the highest level of service from Hoeft Builders, our family talks about it all the time, how much we appreciate everything Hoeft Builders has done for us – from the time and the personal details, and we can’t recommend Hoeft Builders enough.”

Fairfield Inn & Suites

Eau Claire, WI – General Contractor

Hoeft Builders was asked to bid on a new Fairfield Inn & Suites project in Eau Claire. Hoeft Builders was selected as the general contractor on the project. Here is what Greg Haselwander, co-owner of the Fairfield Inn had to say about working with Hoeft Builders: “We were pleased that we chose Hoeft Builders as the General Contractor on our Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott hotel project that opened in the spring of 2016. Hoeft Builders delivered our project on-time and on-budget, Marriott even commented on how smooth the process went working with Hoeft Builders. They are great construction partner, we will surely look to work with Hoeft Builders on future projects and would recommend them for any commercial construction project. “

DeFatta ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery

Altoona, WI – Construction Management project

Drs. Robert and Rima DeFatta were thinking about going into private practice but weren’t sure where to start, so they asked some colleagues at Western Wisconsin Urology for some advice. The Doctors at Western Wisconsin Urology, a client of Hoeft Builders, told them to call Hoeft Builders. Peter Hoeft and real estate development partner, Robb Majeski, met with the DeFatta’s and provided the following for the project:

  • Handled city approvals on the project.
  • Secured financing
  • Developed the property
  • Designed the building around the equipment needs
  • Constructed a 10,000 square foot building (a Construction Management project)
  • Served as a construction partner to the DeFatta’s
  • Own the building and lease it back to the DeFatta’s

Chippewa Valley Orthopedics Clinic

Altoona, WI – General Contractor project

In 2011, the owners of Chippewa Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic needed a new building, but still had seven years left on their lease, so they called Hoeft Builders to see if there was a way we could help. Hoeft Builders agreed to purchase their old building to help facilitate their expansion project. Originally, Chippewa Valley Orthopedics wanted to build next to Oakleaf Surgical. When it was determined that a two-story hospital would not be allowed at their existing location, the owners of Oakleaf Surgical and Chippewa Valley Orthopedics turned to Hoeft Builders to help them find a new location. Through our affiliated development group, Hoeft Builders:

  • Negotiated with the City of Altoona on a 17 acre parcel of land
  • Secured a significant TIF incentive package including free land and infrastructure improvements
  • Handled the acquisition of the property
  • Developed the property
  • Secured financing
  • Designed and constructed a new 36,000 square feet building, served as General Contractor for the project
  • Own the building and lease it back to Chippewa Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine clinic