Applied Data Consultants – Eau Claire, WI

We were introduced to Jim Ward, President of Applied Data Consultants and owner of the Elite EXTRA software, through a banking connection. Jim had been working with another design firm for over a year, and felt a change was needed that better fit their vision and budget. Our Design Build team came together quickly and met with Jim to discuss the project. We arranged a tour of another office building that we had recently completed, which we felt encapsulated some of their needs. Jim told us which design features he liked in the new building, along with other components that he felt were important to nurturing the culture of his team. We turned around a concept plan in one week and Jim and his team were extremely pleased with both the fast turnaround time and the results. We then completed a high level bid, which was immediately accepted. The project is currently under construction by Hoeft Builders.

Here is what Jim Ward, President and Founder of Applied Data Consultants, has to say about working with Hoeft Builders:

“Working with the team at Hoeft Builders has been seamless. They have not only met our expectations, they have anticipated our needs every step of the way. They have provided insights and ideas, and have pivoted when needed. This is the third building I have built on our ADC campus, and it has far exceeded the experiences with the previous two. It has been my dream to build a new corporate office for our team, and Hoeft has made that dream a reality by offering their input and expertise every step of the way. I can’t thank Hoeft Builders enough for all of their efforts.”