Altoona, WI – General Contractor project

In 2011, the owners of Chippewa Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic needed a new building, but still had seven years left on their lease, so they called Hoeft Builders to see if there was a way we could help. Hoeft Builders agreed to purchase their old building to help facilitate their expansion project. Originally, Chippewa Valley Orthopedics wanted to build next to Oakleaf Surgical. When it was determined that a two-story hospital would not be allowed at their existing location, the owners of Oakleaf Surgical and Chippewa Valley Orthopedics turned to Hoeft Builders to help them find a new location. Through our affiliated development group, Hoeft Builders:

  • Negotiated with the City of Altoona on a 17 acre parcel of land
  • Secured a significant TIF incentive package including free land and infrastructure improvements
  • Handled the acquisition of the property
  • Developed the property
  • Secured financing
  • Designed and constructed a new 36,000 square feet building, served as General Contractor for the project
  • Own the building and lease it back to Chippewa Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine clinic