Highland Park, St. Paul, MN

The operator of Gracewood Senior Living approached Hoeft Builders to renovate and expand an existing convent.  Hoeft Builders acted as a third party developer on this project to design and get approval for the various boards, commissions and councils in Highland Park.  While the approval process included 22 different approval meetings, every step of the approval process was met with zero resistance.  Hoeft Builders:

  • Secured the design review process using our architect
  • Worked hand-in-hand with Gracewood’s financial institution
  • Completed the renovation and expansion in October, 2014.

Many underlying issues with the existing structure were uncovered, including: asbestos, fire sprinklers that were not properly installed and the boiler system was not operational.  The issues were all resolved, while maintaining the original budget.  The new 36 bed senior assisted living complex was completed in October 2014.